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Infinity Film Festival Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills
Mark is the co-founder of the Infinity Film Festival Beverly Hills. He co-founded The VR (Virtual Reality) Society, and served as the Head of VR. He's worked with every major studio and virtually all the Fortune 500 technology companies such as Google, HTC, Intel, Facebook, etc. as well as many iconic brands at events he's created, curated and produced. His knowledge and relationships in the entertainment and technology industries stretch across all facets and at the most senior levels.

The VR Society’s mission was to advance the success of it's member companies in the Virtual Reality content and technology business. The Society annually recognized VR content and technology achievements with The Lumiere™ Awards from the AIS. The Lumieres are designed and manufactured by RS Owens (Oscars) Honorees at The VR Society Awards included, Jon Favreau, Cher Wang/CEO HTC, Google and others. Mark was responsible for co-founding the division and quadrupling revenue for the parent company within one year as well as introducing the VR categories for the Lumiere Awards.

Mark co-created and co-produced “VR On The Lot - Hollywood ", "VR In The Sky - NYC," and "The Art Of VR" at Sotheby's in NYC. These events consisted of Studio VR Content Premieres/Exhibitions, Indie VR Premieres/Exhibitions, Technology Launches/Exhibitions, and VR Experiential Premieres of key stakeholders. They were known globally as the ultimate VR destinations for the studios, VR production companies, technology companies, advertisers, brands, media companies, social networks, the VR creative community, and the public to meet and address the creation, production, and business of Virtual Reality.

Mark's experience also includes creating and developing content with Howard Stern, Norman Lear, Steve Tisch and many other legends in the entertainment industry. Mark's also produced Emmy award winning programming and marketed, and distributed numerous successful franchises including "The Simpsons", assorted Marvel Brands, "Power Rangers" and a myriad of others. Mark has created many successful brands and intellectual properties including "BirthdayLand", which have been acknowledged by The New York Times, ET, Live With Kelly and Ryan and other media outlets and as well as being optioned by major Hollywood studios.